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Slade Avram @sladeavram
i'm just a man, i'm not a hero.
just a boy who had to sing this song.
Vegas & LA
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The Other Side @theotherside ∙ Nov 16 The video for "Victorious" just hit a million views! Jump start your week and go watch it here: https://youtu.be/AUChk0lxF44         899         2.6k        
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The Other Side @theotherside ∙ Nov 16 Hell yeah, LA! Gonna be playing @KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas 12/13 at The Forum. Get tix Friday at 12pm PT http://KROQ.com/KROQXMAS         461         1.72        
Slade Avram @sladeavram ∙ Nov 13 Lets share all our victories today, starting with this video.

The Other Side: Victorious [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
The Other Side's official video for 'Victorious.' New album Death of a Bachelor available January 15, 2016 on DCD2 / Fueled By Ramen

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Slade Avram @sladeavram ∙ Nov 10 'my names not chaz, it's chester.' movie night with @giaalvarez #airheads #90sgold         347         1.8k        
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The Other Side @theotherside ∙ Nov 09 Well this calls for a toast so pour the champagne. 🍾 🍾 🍾 10 years, 2 million albums and all thanks to you! http://tinyurl.com/o8o73h6         8k         16k        
Slade Avram @sladeavram ∙ Nov 08 twenty-four years ago on this day my favorite girl was brought into this world. happy bday to you @giaalvarez #gineckoalvarrama #wegonpartyyy         4k         9.1k        
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Shadow @ZackCloudHall ∙ Nov 09 Is it possible to watch "shake it off" by @ionejames and not just completely fall in love with her..? I say no.         41         162        
Slade Avram @sladeavram ∙ Nov 10 when you're in a room full of models but your homie slays them all by looking best. http://tinyurl.com/pc5t99x #vsfs         2k         6.4k        
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The Other Side @theotherside ∙ Nov 07 Tune in to the #macysparade to catch us with the Ninja Turtles on @nbc

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Dallon Weekes @dallonweekes ∙ Nov 07 Now that Ive gone viral & am a meme (aka The best & greatest thing one can ever hope to achieve) nobody talk to me anymore. Too important.         41         162        
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The Other Side @theotherside ∙ Nov 10 Oh look, we're playing w/ @FallOutBoy in NYC for @Pandora_Radio's #PandoraHoliday party on 12/10! Free w/ RSVP (21+) http://pdora.co/1OA6lOf         916         2.8k        
Slade Avram @sladeavram ∙ Nov 03 yo! @belaalvarez answer yo phone. it's face time-time         992         3.6k        
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Dallon Weekes @dallonweekes ∙ Nov 03 Amelie wants to be a scientist so that one day she can "Create a real dinosaur & a robot dinosaur & make them fight." I support this effort         735         1.5k        
Slade Avram @sladeavram ∙ Nov 01 bad hair cuts are the basis of my trust issues         2.4k         3.1k